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Cameron Smith ProfileCameron Smith is a fascinating and somewhat enigmatic artist. His music is as intellectual as it is theatrical and rangesfrom raw and complex to uplifting and seriously catchy.

Cameron’s songs tell stories with universal themes: love, loss, elation (and occasionally politics), often through allegories of nature. Nothing too unusual there, you might say - but try as you like to label Cameron’s songs as a particular genre, the label doesn’t quite stick. The fluid, arpeggio-driven piano suggests Rufus Wainwright or Tori Amos, while the rich, almost operatic baritone voice recalls the likes of a classical crossover artist, such as Josh Groban. The strong, catchy melodies bring to mind Elton John, while the reflective, poetic lyrics have aspects of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.


Geography is lyrical blend of folk and pop with infusions of classical and jazz. Cameron worked with producer Julian Chown ( to give the music a warm, up-tempo sound. The album also features a regular collaborator of Cameron’s, the cellist Tanera Dawkins ( as well as some backing vocals by Deborah Sayers. The tracks range from the spine-tingling Soulsong, with its joyous and uplifting multi-layered chorus, to Burning Bush, an acerbic, symphonic critique of the ‘Dubya’ administration, to the raw, acoustic power of Like a River and The Warmlands. This is a truly original work and the mark of a genuinely new voice on the UK music scene.

Geography will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and a number of other online stores as well as Matchbox Recordings’ own store (

Geography Album CoverI have now completed my first full album to secure a commercial release. The CD version of the album is available for purchase now at a cost of £8.99 incl. p&p.


You can listen to four tracks from the new album at Cameron's MySpace site: Geography displays Cameron’s full musical range. While it is, at heart, an acoustic album, it has a rich, up-tempo sound with some funk and pop elements thrown in for good measure. You’ll hear a lot of piano and strings along with some quirkier instruments making an appearance from time to time. The layering of different harmonies so there can be a lot going on at one time but it produces some spine-tingling results. The mix of pop, jazz, classical and folk gives it an almost theatrical quality.

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